Tuesday, 12 November 2013

iPhone app explinations

contacts - having contacts will allow james to remember important phone numbers seems how he tends to forget . 

banking -James will be able to manage his money and keep track of spending 

recipes -when James is high he's hungry so having a recipe document can give him ideas of food to make . 

Love meter - to help james make sure of his feelings and how strong he feels for a girl 

virtual lighter - James smokes like a chimney so this lighter will be very useful 

walkie talkie - an easy way to contact friends . 

I message - James can send his friends and family texts to let them know how he's doing in treatment 

pac man - an entertaining game to play when James is bored . 

Music -to keep james mind off treatment and gives him something to do . 

Pick up lines -helping him figure out things to say to girls . 

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