Wednesday, 20 November 2013

imagery quick write

Concept Art Writing Prompt: The House on Crab Legs

for as long as i could remember my home has been my safe place , as a child i always knew my home was far from ordinary and by that i guess im trying to say it was built with robotic crab legs attached , 6 heavy duty shiny silver legs that weighed about 2000 pounds each , enough to hold me my mom and dad while supporting the weight of the house .going outside at night  is always the best me and my new friends love to climb to the very top of the legs on my home and look at the stars we are never in one place more than 2 days and every where we go the stars form differently in California it felt as if the stars were wanting to jump out and surprise me , in Alaska they sparkled so bright i did not wanna blink . I would not trade my home for the world , it feels like one big warm fuzzy blanket rubbing up on your skin . everyday is full of surprises

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