Wednesday, 16 October 2013

quick write # 2 alien love story

alien love story

 i always thought humans were disgusting and smelt funny .  it was the gossip going around and every one was talking about it .the thought made me beyond curious , ive always wanted to see a human but i knew i had to be extra cautious because i really had no idea what i was getting myself into . i then began asking questions , i had a fellow ailen friend his name was beezul and we did everything together brought up the face that i wanted to go to earth to kidnap a human to observe there strange behavior , he loved the idea and had a ufo of his own ! , it was decided we were taking a trip to earth ! as we took of his eyes were all on me with excitement , my heart was beating from my little alien chest . as we arived we came across a tiny house as we walked by we noticed the smell instantly , me and beezul couldnt get enough of whatever it was , we opened the door to get a closer look and hoping to get the taste on our cold mouth . there was a scream of terror from us aliens and the two humans , beezul whispered how hideous they were and right as he went to reach for the lady , she started crying and asked if she could recieve a kiss from the man she loved , he teared up and beezul let go , i stared closely and watched the strange movement as they leaned towards eachother , my heart went wild and i had no clue what i was feeling , beezul looked and me and i felt this intense stomach rumble .i turned and said "touch my lips , as those people on earth did" he held me close and kissed me , the first kiss of 2 fellow aliens. i told beezul we could not kidnap these people , they showed us what love is . i never had a clue of why i felt this strong passion for your presence . i love you . earth is where we belong ...

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