Thursday, 12 September 2013

Reading Survey

What does someone have to do in order to be a good reader ?
I believe in order to be a good reader you have to have a passion for reading , it should be your escape .
spending your own time reading over any other possible activities would show your passion and dedication .
trying to better yourself , and going above and beyond to learn more .

What was the best book you have ever read ?
The best book i have ever read was a Dystopian novel ,i find those types are by far the most interesting , the authors always seem to know how to keep you interested as well as fantasizing. The book id recommend to anyone is a book called "Matched" by Allie Condie .There way of life is so unique and interesting , far more organized for all you neat freaks out there .

When you read what happens in your mind ?
When i read my mind runs wild but ,i also have to be beyond interested in whatever it is i'm reading , must keep my crazy mind running , when reading i believe it is very important to keep and open mind and creative imagination .

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